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HeritageCON 14 2022: A Triumph of Scale Modelling Excellence

Updated: Feb 2

HeritageCON 14, held in 2022 at the prestigious Canada Warplane Heritage Museum, surpassed all expectations as scale modelers from Ontario, Quebec, and the United States converged to celebrate their shared passion. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this event marked a triumphant return for enthusiasts eager to showcase their creations.

FineScale Modeler magazine came to visit us and get a huge impression of the Canadian Scale Modelers shows!

A Visual Extravaganza: The heart of HeritageCON 14 was undoubtedly the scale model showcase, featuring an astounding 729 meticulously crafted models displayed by 674 talented entrants. Each model was a miniature masterpiece, showcasing an unparalleled level of detail and craftsmanship that underscored the vibrancy of the scale modelling community.

Diverse Themes and Expertise: The event showcased the rich tapestry of scale modelling with a diverse array of models, ranging from intricately detailed military vehicles and aircraft to realistic ships, space models, and even sci-fi creations. This diverse display highlighted the immense talent and endless possibilities within the scale modelling community.

A Community United: More than just a display of models, HeritageCON fostered a sense of community among the 1,700 attendees. Old friends and new alike gathered, sharing their love for scale modelling in an atmosphere where camaraderie flowed as freely as the inspiration. HeritageCON truly exemplified the sense of unity within this passionate community.

Awards and Recognition: HeritageCON 14 paid homage to outstanding talent with a dedicated awards ceremony. Trophies and accolades were bestowed upon those whose models stood out, acknowledging their exceptional contributions. However, the true essence of the event was recognizing every entrant as a winner, collectively contributing to the vibrancy of the scale

modelling community.

The Future of Scale Modelling: As participants bid farewell to HeritageCON 14, the overwhelming dedication, creativity, and passion witnessed at the event left an indelible mark. The showcase not only captured the present state of scale modelling but also hinted at a promising future. The event served as a testament to the infectious enthusiasm that fuels this remarkable hobby.

HeritageCON 14 stands as a resounding success, attracting modelers and enthusiasts from diverse regions. With its multitude of models, diverse themes, and a supportive community, the event encapsulated the true spirit of scale modelling. Gratitude is extended to all who made this event possible, and anticipation is already building for the promising offerings of HeritageCON 15 in 2023.

Stay tuned for more thrilling scale modelling adventures! Happy modelling!

Webmaster of the IPMS Hamilton


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