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HeritageCon XV Sets Historic Milestones with Over 1000 Models

Updated: Feb 2

HeritageCon XV has drawn to a close, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of scale modeling history. This year's event was an outstanding success, with record-breaking numbers that pushed the boundaries of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's capacity. Let's take a moment to celebrate the achievements and express our gratitude to all who made it possible.

Record-Breaking Numbers HeritageCon XV achieved an extraordinary feat by showcasing an impressive collection of over 1000 scale models, exceeding all previous records in Canada. The exhibit hall was brimming with masterpieces, a testament to the incredible talent, dedication, and passion that scale modelers invest in their craft.

A Full House The overwhelming response to HeritageCon XV was evident when the event reached a point where it maxed out the capacity of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. This milestone is a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the scale modeling community, proving that HeritageCon is a force to be reckoned with in the scale modeling world.

FineScale Modeler Magazine

FineScale Modeler Magazine visited us again to cover the fundraising event that we organized for the Canada Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope, Ontario. Thy were witness of the extraordinary success that we achieve this year and they record it in their magazine.

Key Speakers

HeritageCon XV was not only about the incredible scale models but also featured two prominent speakers who brought their expertise to the event, enriching the experience for attendees.

Kris Sieber - Mastering 72nd Scale Modeling

One of the key speakers at HeritageCon XV was Kris Sieber of Luftraum72 Scale Modeling Studio. Hailing from Peterborough, Kris is renowned in the modeling community for his outstanding work in 72nd scale aircraft modeling. Kris's seminar focused on aircraft weathering, offering insights into his unique approach to building, painting, and weathering aircraft and other equipment in this particular scale. For many, 72nd scale is considered the 'one true scale,' and Kris is a master in this realm.

Kris Sieber is the creative genius behind Luftraum72 Scale Modeling Studio. While he is well-known for his superb 72nd scale aircraft builds, Kris is not confined to a single genre. He has also ventured into armor and science fiction modeling, showcasing his versatile skills and creative talents. Those who wanted to explore more of Kris's exceptional work could find it on the Luftraum72 website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Evan McCallum - The Armor Weathering Maestro

Evan McCallum, popularly known as Panzermeister36 to his 70,000+ YouTube subscribers, made HeritageCon XV even more special. With almost a decade of experience in creating armor modeling-focused video content, Evan is a recognized authority in the field. His YouTube channel covers a wide spectrum of armor modeling topics, including in-box reviews, full builds, tips, and techniques.

Evan's expertise shines in his armor weathering method videos, which cater to modelers of all skill levels. At HeritageCon XV, he hosted an armor weathering seminar where he discussed and demonstrated his approach to achieving realistic armor weathering. Topics covered included various techniques such as chipping, oil weathering, and earth effects. What set Evan's seminar apart was his in-depth discussion about the order in which these techniques are applied and why that order matters. He also encouraged audience participation by taking questions directly from the floor.

Evan McCallum's presence at HeritageCon XV was a treat for all attendees, as his vast knowledge and experience in armor modeling brought a new level of understanding and inspiration to the event. For those who couldn't attend the event, his YouTube channel is a valuable resource for further learning and exploration in the world of armor modeling.

The inclusion of these distinguished speakers added immense value to HeritageCon XV, broadening the horizons of scale modeling enthusiasts and providing a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field. Their insights and expertise left an indelible mark on an already historic show.

A Heartfelt Thank You The success of HeritageCon XV would not have been possible without the support and contributions of various individuals and groups. Our sincerest appreciation goes to the generous sponsors, dedicated vendors, enlightening speakers, the Legion for their involvement, and the media outlets that covered the event, helping to share the magic of scale modeling with a broader audience.

But the heart of HeritageCon lies in the countless modelers' clubs and individual modelers who brought their passion, creativity, and exceptional models to the event. Your dedication and craftsmanship truly defined the essence of HeritageCon XV.

A Bright Future Ahead HeritageCon XV wasn't just a celebration of the present; it was a glimpse into the future of scale modeling. With such immense interest and involvement, it's clear that the scale modeling community is thriving. The friendships forged, knowledge shared, and inspiration generated at this event are the building blocks of a vibrant future.

In Conclusion HeritageCon XV will go down in history as a milestone in the world of scale modeling. It broke records, filled the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to capacity, and united a passionate community that continues to grow. As we look ahead, we can only anticipate the heights that HeritageCon XVI will reach.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the resounding success of HeritageCon XV. Your dedication and love for scale modeling are what make this community extraordinary. We eagerly await future events and, in the meantime, encourage you to continue building, creating, and sharing the enchantment of scale modeling with the world!

IPMS Hamilton Webmaster


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