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HeritageCON 16: A Triumph for Modelers, Visitors, and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum!

HeritageCON 16 has concluded, marking another phenomenal success for modelers, visitors, sponsors, vendors, and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum!

With a remarkable attendance of 704 models in the contest, HeritageCON 16 showcased an array of masterpieces and original displays that truly captured the dedication and passion of scale modelers.

Highlights of HeritageCON 16:

FineScale Modeler Magazine's Coverage:

FineScale Modeler Magazine visited HeritageCON for the third time, capturing stunning images of modelers' works from both Canada and the USA. They also covered the fundraising event organized for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Special Guest Daniel Zamarbide:

Renowned modeler Daniel Zamarbide made his first visit to North America, captivating audiences with his expertise in aviation modeling. Zamarbide, known for his exceptional work across various modeling genres, delivered presentations and live demos, sharing invaluable insights and techniques with attendees.

His presentations in Black and White demonstrated to the attendees how to master the oils and weathering pencils from AK Interactive. His live demo stunned the public and showed how you can take models to another level.

The Moosaroo Cup:

IPMS Hamilton presented the Moosaroo Cup for the fifth time, with podcasters from 11 different shows competing. After a tough decision, Sprue Cutters Union emerged as the winner, securing the coveted cup.


HeritageCON 16's success was made possible by the unwavering support of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, sponsors, vendors, individuals, and the IPMS Hamilton club members. Gratitude is extended to all who contributed, including key speakers, sponsors, vendors, and media outlets.

The Future of Scale Modeling:

HeritageCON 16 not only celebrated the present but also offered a glimpse into the future of scale modeling. The thriving community, friendships formed, and knowledge shared at the event bode well for the future of the hobby.

In Conclusion:

HeritageCON 16 will be remembered as a resounding success, thanks to the dedication and love for scale modeling demonstrated by all involved. As we eagerly anticipate future events, let's continue to build, create, and share the magic of scale modeling with the world!

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