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Meeting Recap: IPMS Hamilton September 2019 Presentation by Robert Germann and Gregory Burdon

Dear IPMS Hamilton Members and Scale Modeling Enthusiasts,

The September 25, 2019 meeting of IPMS Hamilton was an evening of surprises and knowledge-sharing, featuring two engaging presentations by our members. Robert Germann led a presentation on painting techniques, and c offered an unexpected surprise presentation on vacuum forming. It was a night that showcased the diverse talents and expertise within our community.

Presentation by Robert Germann: Mastering the Art of Painting

Robert Germann, one of our esteemed members, took center stage with a comprehensive presentation on painting techniques for scale modeling. His expertise and insights into the world of painting proved invaluable to our members. Robert shared tips and tricks, discussed the choice of colors, blending techniques, weathering, and more. The presentation was a treasure trove of knowledge that left everyone inspired to enhance their painting skills.

Robert's dedication to sharing his expertise with our community is commendable, and we thank him for contributing to the enrichment of our modeling skills.

Surprise Presentation by Gregory Burdon: Vacuum Forming Unveiled

The evening took an unexpected turn when Gregory Burdon surprised us with a presentation on vacuum forming. Gregory, known for his previous contributions to our club, demonstrated the process and possibilities of vacuum forming in scale modeling. He shared insights into creating custom canopies, parts, and detailing using this innovative technique. It was a delightful surprise that expanded our horizons in the world of scale modeling.

Gregory's willingness to share his knowledge and skills, even as a surprise addition to the meeting, underscored the collaborative and supportive spirit of our community.

A Community of Knowledge and Sharing

The September 25, 2019 meeting was a reminder of the depth of expertise and talents present within IPMS Hamilton. We are not only model builders but also enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences.

We extend our gratitude to both Robert Germann and Gregory Burdon for their informative and inspiring presentations. Their dedication to enhancing our modeling skills and broadening our horizons is greatly appreciated.

As we continue our journey in the world of scale modeling, let's keep the spirit of learning and collaboration alive. Together, we enrich our skills and celebrate our shared love for this captivating hobby.

Stay tuned for more exciting modeling adventures with IPMS Hamilton!

Warm regards,

Web Master, IPMS Hamilton


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