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IPMS Hamilton and HeritageCON Shine in Scale Aviation Magazine Vol155

The latest edition of Scale Aviation Magazine, Vol155, features a special highlight on the collaboration between IPMS Hamilton and the HeritageCON show. The magazine showcases Kris Sieber's aircraft workshop for the F15J, where Kris was a key speaker at HeritageCON 15.

Notably, last year, On Scale Aviation Magazine's editor, Noah Krasowitz, journeyed from Japan to delve into Canadian modelers' culture. During his visit, a group from IPMS Hamilton, led by Allan Muller, met with Noah and Kris at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The engaging discussions covered various aspects of scale modeling, offering a unique insight into the Canadian modeling community.

The DVD accompanying Kris Sieber's Modelling 1/72 Scale F15J Eagle includes footage featuring IPMS Hamilton members Dan Chaulk, Tim Bangerter, and Ricardo Salamé, showcasing their models. The magazine expresses gratitude to Kris Sieber and Noah Krasowitz for featuring HeritageCON in his video, thereby bringing the show to the attention of a broader audience.

The global outreach extends further, as the IPMS Hamilton and HeritageCON have now become known in Japan, demonstrating the universal appeal and impact of the scale modeling community.  

We encourage to the Canadian modelers to grab their copy of Scale Aviation Magazine Vol155, where they can enjoy master classes by Kris Sieber and explore other captivating articles.


IPMS Hamilton Webmaster 


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