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HeritageCON 11 Master Class by Adam Wilder: A Journey into Weathering

Updated: Jan 17

Dear IPMS Hamilton Members and Scale Modeling Enthusiasts,

We had the honor of hosting a master class on weathering by the renowned modeler Adam Wilder. Adam Wilder, an expert in the art of weathering, provided our members with invaluable insights into creating realistic weathered effects in scale modeling. This master class left a lasting impact on our community during HeritageCON 11.

Master Class by Adam Wilder: A Journey into Weathering

Adam Wilder, known for his exceptional expertise in weathering techniques, conducted an in-depth master class that took our understanding of weathering to a new level. With his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Adam guided our members through the intricacies of adding realistic weathering effects to their model kits.

During the master class, Adam demonstrated various weathering methods, including washes, chipping, rust effects, and more. His presentation covered both the theory and practical application of weathering, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve authentic and striking results.

HeritageCON 11: A Grand Scale Modeling Event

We successful complete another great event the HeritageCON 11, hosted by our club on March 26th, 2017. Held at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, it attracted hundreds of scale modelers who came to display and with their best works and participated in the modeling tournament. The event showcased the dedication and craftsmanship of our members, celebrating the art of scale modeling. Modeler came from all over GTA, Ottawa, Quebec and several states of the USA.

A Community of Learning and Growth

The master class by Adam Wilder was a testament to the depth of expertise and talent present within our community. We appreciate Adam's dedication to sharing his knowledge and skills, which have enriched the modeling journey of our members.

As we continue to explore the art of scale modeling, let's carry forward the inspiration and knowledge gained from the master class. Weathering adds a whole new dimension to our hobby, and it's a skill that, with practice and patience, can be mastered.

Stay tuned for more exciting modeling adventures with IPMS Hamilton, and mark your calendars for future events where you'll have the chance to further expand your horizons in the world of scale modeling.

Warm regards,

Webmaster, IPMS Hamilton


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