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HeritageCON 10: Mig Jimenez Martin's Outstanding Weathering Presentation

Updated: Feb 2

HeritageCON 10, the annual gathering for passionate modelers and hobbyists, witnessed a remarkable highlight this year. The event featured the renowned modeler and weathering expert, Mig Jimenez Martin, who delivered an extraordinary presentation on the art of weathering.

Date March 2016

Location Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on the Dome (Separate from the Main Event)

Mig Jimenez Martin, a true maestro in the world of scale modeling, captivated attendees with his unparalleled expertise in weathering techniques. In a dedicated session held within the confines of The Dome, enthusiasts were treated to an exclusive demonstration of Mig's signature weathering products and were privy to his invaluable tips and personal insights.

Key Highlights of Mig's Presentation:

Product Demos: Mig showcased his range of weathering products, unveiling the magic behind their application and effects. Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand how to use these tools to elevate their models to a whole new level of realism.

Weathering Wisdom: Mig generously shared his years of experience, offering attendees invaluable advice on how to weather their models effectively. From rust and chipping techniques to mud and dust effects, no stone was left unturned.

Q&A Session: Attendees were encouraged to engage with Mig during a interactive Q&A session.

This was the perfect opportunity to get personalized guidance and clarification on any weathering challenges or questions they had.

Mig Jimenez Martin's passion for the hobby and dedication to helping fellow modelers shone brightly throughout the presentation. HeritageCON 10 attendees left inspired and armed with newfound knowledge to take their modeling skills to the next level.

A big thank you to Mig Jimenez Martin for gracing HeritageCON 10 with his presence and sharing his wealth of expertise. Stay tuned for more exciting events and presentations in the world of scale modeling!


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