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Recap of the February Meeting of the IPMS Hamilton - Building Models in the Final Frontier

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Greetings, Scale Model Enthusiasts!

The February meeting of IPMS Hamilton was an extraordinary event that transported us to the outer reaches of imagination and creativity. Our very own Ricardo Salamé led the way with his captivating presentation on "Building Models in the Final Frontier." This evening was a celebration of the art of scale modeling, where inspiration flowed freely, and a sense of community thrived.

Ricardo's Journey into the Final Frontier:

Ricardo Salamé, a passionate member of our club, shared his personal odyssey into the world of scale modeling. He regaled us with tales of crafting models inspired by both science fiction and the wonders of real space, reminding us that the universe is our canvas in the world of scale modeling.

Delving into Research Techniques:

Ricardo emphasized the importance of research in the model-building process. He stressed that achieving accuracy and realism begins with thorough research. Whether it's delving into historical references, studying blueprints, or examining conceptual artwork, meticulous research lays the foundation for outstanding models.

The Significance of Model References:

During his presentation, Ricardo shed light on the pivotal role that model references play in achieving authenticity. He offered valuable insights into sourcing the best reference materials and employing them effectively to enhance our modeling endeavors.

Mastering the Art of Painting:

Ricardo's expert advice on painting techniques left an indelible mark. He generously shared tips and tricks to achieve lifelike paint finishes, underlining the importance of color precision, weathering, and intricate detailing to breathe life into our scale models.

Unlocking the World of Scratch Building:

For those seeking to elevate their scale modeling prowess, Ricardo took us on a tour of scratch building. He unveiled innovative techniques for crafting custom parts and components, empowering modelers to infuse their creations with a personal touch.

A Night of Community and Showcasing:

Our February gathering was an electric evening of creativity and camaraderie. With 52 enthusiastic attendees, our meeting space buzzed with energy. Members proudly showcased their latest masterpieces on the tables, offering a preview of the exceptional work that will grace the HeritageCON annual modeling show.

The February meeting transcended being a mere presentation; it was a celebration of our shared passion for scale modeling. It served as a reminder of the immense talent and unwavering dedication within our club.

As we prepare for the eagerly anticipated HeritageCON 15 annual modeling show, Ricardo's wisdom and the infectious enthusiasm of our members leave us inspired and ready to embark on new modeling adventures.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ricardo for sharing his expertise, and to all attendees for making this evening truly memorable. Keep an eye on IPMS Hamilton for upcoming events and updates as we continue our exploration of the boundless possibilities within the world of scale modeling.

Warm Regards,

IPMS Hamilton Webmaster


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