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November 2017 Meeting Recap Ken Presentation Ken Woodruff's 1/32 CF-188A Build

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Dear IPMS Hamilton members and Enthusiasts,

As we bid farewell to another fantastic year of model building and camaraderie, our November 2017 meeting was a fitting end, highlighted by an extraordinary presentation and an impressive showcase of our members' talent. Let's dive into the details of this remarkable gathering.

Ken Woodruff's 1/32 CF-188 Build:

Our meeting kicked off with an incredible presentation by none other than Ken Woodruff. He captivated us all with the intricate details of his remarkable 1/32 CF-188 build. Ken's dedication and craftsmanship shone through as he took us on a journey through the construction process, sharing tips and techniques that left us all inspired. His attention to detail and passion for the hobby truly set a high standard for all of us to aspire to.

Member Showcase:

Our meeting was not only about one standout presentation but also a celebration of our collective creativity. Members brought in an array of built and "in progress" models, each a testament to their dedication and skill. It was fascinating to see the diversity of projects our members are working on, from classic aircraft to modern tanks, and everything in between. This display showcased the talent and commitment of our IPMS Hamilton community.

Thank you all for making our November 2017 meeting a memorable one. Your participation and contributions to our club are what make it so special. Let's carry this momentum into the new year and continue to inspire and learn from each other.

Warm regards,

IPMS Hamilton Webmaster


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