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Meeting Recap: IPMS Hamilton July 2016 Presentation by Tony Bell: Mastering the Airbrush

Dear IPMS Hamilton Members and Scale Modeling Enthusiasts,

The July 2016 meeting of IPMS Hamilton brought another exciting and educational evening for our members. Among the highlights was a captivating presentation by Tony Bell on the art of airbrushing. As always, we encouraged our members to showcase their latest projects and offer items for sale or trade, making it a vibrant and engaging event.

Presentation by Tony Bell: Mastering the Airbrush

Tony Bell's presentation on airbrushing was a true masterclass. He took our members on a journey through the world of airbrushing, sharing valuable insights and techniques to achieve exceptional results. From choosing the right equipment and maintaining it to mastering the fine art of airbrushing, Tony's presentation was a wealth of knowledge that left us all eager to try our hands at this versatile tool.

Tony's expertise in airbrushing is a testament to the depth of skill and experience within our IPMS Hamilton community, and we thank him for generously sharing his expertise with us.

Show and Tell: Share Your Projects

One of the hallmarks of our meetings is the "Show and Tell" session. We encouraged our members to bring their latest finished or ongoing projects, allowing us to celebrate the diversity and creativity within our modeling community. These displays serve as both inspiration and a learning opportunity for everyone.

Trading Table: Buy, Sell, or Swap

IPMS Hamilton meetings also offer an excellent opportunity for members to buy, sell, or swap items related to the hobby. Whether you have kits, tools, accessories, or anything else you'd like to share with fellow modelers, our trading table is the place to do it. It's a wonderful way to connect with fellow enthusiasts and find the missing pieces you need for your projects.

A Community of Sharing and Learning

IPMS Hamilton embodies the spirit of sharing, learning, and camaraderie in the world of scale modeling. We thank Tony Bell for his outstanding airbrushing presentation, and we appreciate all our members for actively participating in the meeting, showcasing their work, and making the trading table a lively experience.

As we continue our modeling journey, let's keep the enthusiasm and creative spirit alive. There's always something new to learn, techniques to master, and models to build. Together, we are strengthening our community and nurturing the love of scale modeling.

Stay tuned for more exciting modeling adventures with IPMS Hamilton!

Warm regards,

Web Master, IPMS Hamilton


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