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IPMS Hamilton July 2022 Meeting Recap - Improving Your Model Cockpits

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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Meeting Recap:

In July 2022, IPMS Hamilton had the privilege of hosting Ricardo Salamé as our guest presenter. His presentation on "Improving Your Model Cockpits" proved to be an outstanding session that left a lasting impression on our members. Ricardo generously shared his knowledge, techniques, and reference materials, creating an enlightening experience for all in attendance.

Presentation Highlights:

Ricardo's presentation was a comprehensive guide to enhancing model cockpits, covering various aspects of the modeling process. Here are some of the key highlights:

Oils, Washes, and Pigments: Ricardo provided valuable insights into the effective use of oils, washes, and pigments to create realistic cockpit details. His techniques and tips were invaluable for modelers seeking to add depth and authenticity to their work.

Photo-Etch and Resin: Ricardo's expertise in working with photo-etch and resin components was particularly noteworthy. His guidance in this area was greatly appreciated by attendees looking to improve their skills in handling these materials.

Basic Scratch Build Techniques: Ricardo also shared basic scratch-building techniques to add intricate details to cockpits, enhancing realism and authenticity.


We were thrilled to have 34 attendees at this session, a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of our members in their pursuit of improving their modeling skills. Your active participation and engagement contribute significantly to the overall success of our meetings.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ricardo Salamé for his enlightening presentation, and we deeply appreciate our members for creating a vibrant and supportive modeling community.

As we move forward, let's apply the valuable insights gained from Ricardo's presentation to our upcoming modeling projects. We look forward to seeing you at our future meetings, where we will continue to learn, create, and elevate our scale modeling endeavors.

Warm regards,

IPMS Hamilton Webmaster


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