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IPMS Hamilton - Bombsight Newsletter - March 2021 (Volume 1, Issue 1)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Good Evening Everyone,

Attached is the first issue of Bombsight - the new IPMS Hamilton quarterly club newsletter!

The goal of Bombsight is to keep both new and long standing IPMS Hamilton members as well as friends of the club informed of the news and events around the club over the last three months (especially as we continue to find ourselves sequestered at home).

This first issue includes an essay by our very own Allan Murell on the history of IPMS Hamilton and HeritageCon. You will also find Part 1 or 2 of a North African campaign pictorial timeline as well as a primer of the forthcoming Mooseraoo Cup (2021 Edition).

We hope you enjoy this first issue! Have a good easter weekend.


PS Constructive feedback is always welcome.

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