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Recap of the meeting September 2019 A Night of Double Delight at the Club Meeting

Last night's club meeting was a double treat for all attendees as we were fortunate to have not one but two fantastic presentations that enriched our knowledge and added to our shared passion for scale modeling.

D Day Locations - Then and Now by Duncan Young:

Duncan Young took us on a mesmerizing journey through time with his presentation on "D Day Locations - Then and Now." Through captivating visuals and insightful narration, Duncan showcased the remarkable transformation of the D-Day landing sites. We witnessed how these historic locations, once the epicenter of a crucial World War II operation, have evolved over the years. It was a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by countless individuals and an opportunity to reflect on the significance of preserving history.

IPMS USA NATS Trip by Gates Bisson:

Gates Bisson's presentation on the IPMS USA NATS Trip was another highlight of the evening. Gates regaled us with tales of his journey to the prestigious IPMS National Convention, sharing his experiences, encounters, and the incredible models on display. His firsthand account provided valuable insights into the world of competitive scale modeling at its highest level. For those who dream of attending such events, Gates' presentation was an invaluable guide and a glimpse into the exciting world of IPMS USA NATS.

The club meeting was not only a learning experience but also a celebration of our shared interests and the camaraderie that defines our community. It's nights like these that remind us of the wealth of knowledge and experiences within our club, making it a special place for enthusiasts of all levels.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Duncan Young and Gates Bisson for their outstanding presentations and for sharing their expertise with us. Your dedication to scale modeling and your willingness to contribute to our club's knowledge base are truly appreciated.

As we look forward to future meetings and presentations, let us continue to grow and learn together, fostering a thriving community of scale model enthusiasts.

Warm Regards,

IPMS Hamilton Webmaster


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