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Recap of the IPMS Hamilton October meeting The "What If Challenge"

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

What an exciting night it was at our October club meeting! With 49 attendees on the main hangar, our scale modelling club was buzzing with energy. Here are some snapshots of the memorable moments from the day.

The "What If Challenge" - Unleashing Creativity

We had a whopping 17 members participating in the "What If Challenge," and the creativity on display was off the charts. Models of planes, cars, tanks, zombies, spaceships, and dioramas filled the tables each a testament to the passion and skill of our members.


All our club members had the opportunity to vote for their favorite subject in the "What If Challenge." The anticipation was palpable as the ballots were cast. It's incredible to see how much talent our club holds.

Congratulations to the Winners

A big round of applause for the three lucky winners who took home some fantastic prizes! Their dedication and craftsmanship truly shone through in their models.

1st place Grant Drew

DC-7C mimicking somewhat a CP-107 Argus ASW air craft.The Revell kit was originally issued in 1957 and reissued numerous times since then.The paints used were all acrylic such as Tamiya,GS and Vallejo.The 1/122 scale was considered a “box scale” when first issued back then.The custom 1/122 decals were done by Above & Below graphics. I described my aircraft as a CP-102 “Hammerhead” ASW

2nd Place Peter Dicks

Revell 1/48 Rafale straight out of the box. It is finished with a combination of kit supplied and Hasegawa CF-18 decals ) and homemade stencils to represent a RCAF Rafale.

We also announced our next club challenge subject and members can now start choosing their subjects to register for the new challenge in the upcoming meeting.

In addition to the challenge, we had an informal pre-launch of our brand-new club website. Some members took the opportunity to capture photos of their amazing models to feature on the website's pages. It's a great way to showcase the incredible work of our talented club members to the world.

3rd Place Bernie Hack

1985 Z28 Camero with the roof and inside door panels from a 1963 Nova Station Wagon. New doors lines were scribed, the air intake on the hood was scratch built. Body paint is a flat brown with a dash of red.

Club Elections

Last but not least, the club elections took place, ensuring the continuity and leadership of our club. With such a strong turnout, it's evident that our members are deeply committed to the success of our scale modelling club.

With 49 attendees, the passion and camaraderie at our club meeting were truly inspiring. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our club and the amazing creations that our members will continue to bring to life. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and challenges ahead!


IPMS Hamilton Webmaster

Other entries

Robyn Germann, X Wing Bandai 1/72

Stephen Obermeyer, model Von Braun Moonlander (1952) Scale 1/350

Nate Botting, Scale 1/24

Richard O'Daiskey AMT 1/72

"What if” is if the Canadian government decide to trade in its aging Globemaster fleet in exchanged for Space 1999 Eagles. The decision was easy since these babies can fly in and out of space, making them more versatile than the Globemaster C-17.

I painted it int he colours of the Globemaster and used CanMilair decals, however these decals are very fragile and I would be leery of buying more. On the other hand when it comes to Canada, no one has this guy beat.

This kit is the 1/72 scale MPC kit in this boxing. I built the kit straight out of the box painting the body in a few different shades of grey. The main colour is in fact AMC Mobility grey which is Tamiay XF - 53.

Krechet-94 / Reheat Models 120mm by Ricardo Salamé

A real space "what if" subject. The Soviets never made it to the Moon with a manned mission. There is no proof that the Krechet-94 was used by the man in the space. The flag was never used in the soviet space program. The Soviets and the Americans never met on the Moon soil.

Painted with a mix of Tamiya, Model Master acrylics and enamels and Ammo by Mig Oilbrusehers. Customs decals thar reassembly fabrics.

Meeting pictures


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