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Harvey Low's Aircraft Weathering Presentation: Meeting Recap - A Night to Remember!

Dear IPMS Hamilton Members and Enthusiasts,

am thrilled to share with you all the highlights of our August 2022 meeting, which was truly a night to remember! Our gathering was graced by two incredible presentations that left us all inspired and eager to continue our journey in the world of scale modeling.

Harvey Low's Aircraft Weathering Presentation:

In addition to [Speaker's Name]'s presentation, we were treated to an exceptional talk by Harvey Low on the subject of aircraft weathering. Harvey's insights into the techniques and nuances of weathering brought a new dimension to our understanding of model aircraft. His expertise in this field added depth and realism to our models, and we are grateful for the valuable tips and tricks he shared with us.

Record Attendance:

We are thrilled to report that our August meeting saw a remarkable turnout, with 45 members in attendance. This turnout represents the best attendance we've had since our return to in-person meetings. It's a testament to the strong and passionate community we have here at IPMS Hamilton. Your presence and participation make our meetings all the more enjoyable and enriching.

Closing Thoughts:

As we reflect on the success of our August meeting, let's carry the enthusiasm and inspiration from these presentations into our own modeling projects. Our club is a place where knowledge is shared, skills are honed, and friendships are forged, and this meeting was a prime example of the incredible experiences we can create together.

Thank you to our guest speakers, our dedicated members, and all those who contributed to the success of this meeting. Your support and commitment to our club are greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

IPMS Hamilton Web Master


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